MISSION STATEMENT: To instill qualities of tolerance, civic responsibility, community involvement and leadership that promotes an appreciation for the responsibilities of citizenship and the democratic process in adolescent members 11-13 years of age. PURPOSE: Younger adolescents need positive group experiences that help them cultivate good character and effective leadership skills so they can become civically engaged and caring citizens.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A poem written by one of our talented teens:

She Never Knew

She sits there pondering about life
She’s so quiet and stiff like a statue
Thinking about all the hardships
She wants to know if anything will change
Life hasn’t been easy, but she has survived
She sits in the dark, quiet, and gloomy room

She has never had friends, but likes to be different 
Blue tears run down her cheeks, she thinks it will never change
Always independent and now she wants to be something
She now figures life will change to be something
Still thinking, finally notices everything will change
Now she is smiling and the room has lighten with happiness

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         By: Brooklyn Lanzara

Friday, January 6, 2012


Listen up everyone!!!  The Boys & Girls Club of Chicopee has started a Torch Club!!!!  To participate members need to be turning 11 this year and cannot be older than 13.  We hope to help our Club and community be a better place. To date members have suggested we run a can drive, volunteer at soup kitchens, visit nursing homes, raise money for “wigs for kids” and other fundraisers.  Our focus this year will be mostly kids helping kids.  This is in-line with the 2011-2012 National Torch Club project called Linking Hearts & Hands which centers on ways for members to help other children.  Our members have been assisting the younger kids at the Club with their homework and other special activities.  The Torch Club members will be meeting with all the kids in the after school program to discuss voting for a staff of the month.   The members will also be discussing Torch Club officer’s election.  We will be voting for president, vice president, secretary and treasurer of Torch Club.  The nominees will be giving speeches, making posters, debating etc.  The remainder of the members will be campaigning for whom they would like to see elected and will be making voting booths for Election Day.  Our goal is to make our community and our club an even more positive place for kids.   We are excited about all the beneficial things that we are going to do. 

Written by Kiara Gonzalez